The Clarion Is Coming to an End

  We, the Clarion Staff, regret to inform you that our newspaper is coming to an end on April 2nd, 2021. We have had a serious conflict come up that makes it so we have to end it. We had a story reach the media which was said to be very controversial. Everyone said our article was horrible and said we were being insensitive to others feelings. The article was about which kind of cookie is the best.

    We are ending The Clarion because someone didn’t like that we loved chocolate chip cookies. That is crazy. I hope we will one day get to rekindle The Clarion. I guess it was fun while it lasted. 

    On the bright side at least we don’t have to come to Journalism anymore this year. Since there is no more newspaper. The school said Journalism will be removed. Yay! No more second hour! Go look up the article on the internet. I’m sure you will be able to find it! Have a good day and make sure to tell everyone that was on The Clarion that they did a wonderful job while it lasted.