Christmas Traditions

So many of us have family traditions we do every Christmas.  These traditions make memories that last a lifetime.  Most likely we will continue our family traditions when we move away from our parents and have our own families.  Don’t have a family tradition?  Well here is a list of five popular traditions families do at Christmas time and five new traditions that people are doing this year while social distancing.

1. Family Christmas party.  It’s a great time to get with your family and check up with one another while eating and exchanging gifts. 

2. Christmas pajamas. On Christmas Eve everyone gets new pajamas.  What a fun Christmas morning when everyone is wearing new pajamas!   Some families even get the same style pajamas for the whole family.  It makes for fun Christmas morning pictures.  

3.  Going to see the lights.  Whether you are going to Temple Square, Christmas on the Pond, or the Festival of lights what a fun family tradition!  Get the hot chocolate and a warm coat and enjoy the beautiful lights.  Even if it’s just a drive around town to enjoy the lights by up by all your neighbors.  

4.  Tis’ the Season to give. Helping out a friend, or family that needs help is always rewarding in so many ways.  Whether you are donating to a charity like Toys for Tots or shoveling snow off your neighbor’s sidewalk, charity is a great family tradition.  

5.  Countdown to Christmas.  There are tons of different ways to do it, but a great tradition is a countdown to Christmas.  

With Covid 19 this year some of our favorite traditions just can’t be done.  Here is a list of new traditions that are popular this year.  

1.  Sending Christmas cards.  Sending Christmas cards has been a dying tradition.  But with the social distancing this year cards are popular once again.  So write your family and friends a card and send it in the mail.  It will bring a smile and brighten someone’s day.  

2.  Christmas Movie Marathon.  With streaming there is an endless supply of Christmas movies available.  Watch a favorite then watch a movie you’ve never seen before.  It just might become the new favorite.  

3.  Virtual Christmas Caroling.  Can’t go sing to your neighbors on their front porch?  How about caroling virtually!  Or you could even do a Christmas Sing Along at home with your family.  

4.  Honor a loved one.  Make a Christmas ornament for a loved one that has passed on.  What a great way to remember them and do so every Christmas.  

5.  Can’t have a big family Christmas dinner this year?  Try something different.  Dust that layer of snow off the grill and have a BBQ for Christmas dinner.   Hamburgers and hotdogs for Christmas dinner!  Why not? It’s already been a crazy year!

So, there you have it.  Traditions make holidays even more memorable.  Don’t have a tradition?  Pick an idea and start your family tradition this year!