Student Jobs

Many students in highschool, especially juniors and seniors, have jobs. I interviewed a few students to see how having a job influences your life. I wanted to see if it has an effect on how well they do in school and how they balance school and work. 

       I interviewed two people; Bryttanee Arce and Jonathon Schrum. The first question I asked them was how do you balance school and work.? Bryttanee said, “I have free time where I don’t have classes that I do my homework and on my days I have if I do homework.” 

       When I asked Jonathon he had a similar answer but he also answered with sarcasm. He said “with zero sleep,” at first but his serious answer was very similar to Bryttanee’s. Jonathon said “He does his homework on his days off.” They both use their freetime appropriately.

       The next question I asked them was is it stressful to have a job while being in school? Bryttanee’s response was simple. “Sometimes, but I want money for college.” She does get stressed out at times but in the end it is worth it for her. 

       Jonathon’s answer was a little different; he said, “Yes! I don’t get much sleep because I work until late at night.” I think Bryttanee and Jonathon’s answers are different because they have different schedules at work. Bryttanee works earlier in the evening while Jonathon works later at night. They both do say it can be stressful at times though.

        The last question I asked them was what do you do when your grades start to slip? Bryttanee said “I do extra homework and extra credit to fix my grade.” “Sometimes I ask for days off so I can do it.” She does care about her grades more than work. School seems to be very important to her.

       Jonathon’s answer was pretty straightforward; he said, “I figure out why and I fix it.” Both of them care about their school work. 

       Having work while you are going to go to school can be challenging to students but it does have a lot of benefits too.