Ask Hugo’s Advice

”So some person stole my lunch money! What do I do?” -Puzzled Money

Puzzled money

Do you know who’s stealing your money? If you do know who it was then I suggest you talk to them and ask why they did it. If you don’t know then maybe put your money in a coin purse and keep it on you like a key chain.

So I like this guy but I’m not sure if he likes me back. And I can’t help get jealous when I see my best friend talking to him. I can’t get the nerve to tell him how I feel. What do I do? -Quiet & Confused 

Dear Quiet & Confused 

I had the hardest time trying to find the best way to answer, but I might not be able to give you the answer you want. Knowing from experience if you don’t tell them you’ll always wonder if they really liked you or not. But if you want to know just close your eyes and tell him then you will know the answer. It’s worth asking then always wondering.

Why is your name Hugo -Top Question

Top Question

Hugo is an alias. Some people might not take my advice seriously if they knew who was giving the advice. I choose Hugo because Hugo means mind in German. I’m taking in what people write and answering with what comes to my mind first. So I thought mind would be a good name but spelled differently. That’s why my alias is Hugo.

What the fetch is Hugo? Is he a man, a myth, or a legend? -True Spoken 

True Spoken

Ask Hugo is just an advice column or a place to ask questions like so. Hugo is not any of those things Hugo is just Hugo and there’s nothing to it. 

There is a cute guy in one of my classes. I catch myself looking at him all the time. At what point does it become creepy?  Signed-love sick

Dear lovesick

He must be quite a looker if you’re catching yourself looking at him all the time. The only time it gets creepy is when you don’t stop looking and you’re giving love-e dove-e and you scare him away. Don’t look at him like you’re wearing your heart on your sleeve. Play hard to get once and awhile.