Heads Up, Juniors–It’s ACT Time!

Alrighty, lovely ladies and gentlemen of the class of 2025; it’s time to hammer the grammar! Upon the morning of the 12th of March, all juniors are required to head to Juab High to take the lovely test they have been preparing for since the beginning of this semester. As a senior that has taken this standardized test a total of 3 times, there is some advice that most will benefit from.

Fill out the bubbles!

There are a lot of bubbles to choose from on the ACT in every section of the test. The amount might seem daunting–and trust me, it kinda is. However, you do not get docked points for choosing the wrong answer, and you’re on a time limit, so I would highly suggest scribbling in a bubble for every question that you don’t quite know the answer to. It is easier to score higher if every bubble is filled, for there is a chance that you manage to fill out the right one. It’s statistics. Empty bubbles will not help you, so try your best to straight-bubble as John Baylor showed you and pray for a few right answers. 

Go to sleep the night before.

While this might seem like common sense, worrying about the ACT the night before, or not worrying at all, will probably not help your test scores in the slightest. Going to bed early and trying for a swell night of rest will help you perform well on every section. Being well-rested is scientifically proven to help you perform better on anything; I’d suggest getting in your comfiest pajamas and cuddling in tight with your bear to get those scores you want.

Don’t stress it!

Yes, it’s the ACT. No, it doesn’t go on your grade, but yes, it means a lot for your future. However, there could be any kind of circumstance that makes your test turn out worse than you wanted. Never fear! You can always take the ACT on a later date, not for free, but it is always available. If the score you receive is not the score you were hoping for, put some work into the subjects you struggle on and then try again another time. That’s the great thing about the ACT–one silly composite score doesn’t have to be the final one! 

Alrighty juniors…I hope you are super excited for our annual “Junior Appreciation Day.” Sleep well, fill in the bubbles, and most importantly, do your best! And thank you, from every other grade, for the day off!