Boys Basketball Makes Memories on the Court

Boys basketball has officially started! They are training hard and competing against many teams. Last year, the boys fell short of a state title by 30 points in the state final going 58-88 against Manti. With a lot of expectations going into the 2023-2024 season, the boy’s basketball team has shown off. Going 8-3 in their games so far, which is better than last year’s games going 6-5. The boys have done an amazing job this year. Losing a lot of key seniors last year they have shown they’re just as good and might even be better. 

           Heading into our new region there will be some challenging games to be played. There are currently 8 teams in Region 12. With the addition of 4 top teams in 3A from last year, where there were 5. These teams are Canyon View, Richfield, Carbon, and Emery. 6 of the teams are ranked in the top 10 in 3A including Juab.

In the month of January they have 9 different games. 2 of which have already been played. The teams are North Sanpete(6-6), Canyon View(8-4), Delta(4-8), Richfield(7-5), Manti(10-4), Emery(10-3), and Carbon(5-7). After January there are only 3 games, which are all region games including the ones in January. All these games are important because they can solidify our position in state and will show everyone we can contend for the state title if not already. The boys have done amazing and excelled expectations and most fans can’t wait to see the playoffs.