Girls Wrestling Bounding to Boise

Over the weekend of the 5th to the 8th of January, the Juab Girl’s Wrestling team packed a few duffel bags, stuffed themselves in two SUV’s, and made the 6-hour journey to Boise, Idaho to compete in the annual Rollie Lane Tournament. The team brought 9 girls, and although nobody placed, it was a genuine experience that the girls learned from. 

The girls started their trip at around noon on Thursday, traversed all the way up north, past the border of Utah and Idaho, and all the way to Boise. They practiced that night at the Ford Center and woke up early the next morning to weigh in and pray that the day would go well. After the first day of wrestling, Juab was placed 5th out of 30-ish teams, even though they only had 9 girls. Come the second day, the toughness of the tournament rang true and all of the girls struck out, but all of them fought valiantly to the end. 

First year wrestler Atti Nielson comments on her experience from the weekend: “I think it was a hard tournament but it was a fun experience and I learned a lot more than I could have at an easier one. Plus, the way there was really fun!”

Second years Morgan Holdaway and Andi Stephenson both had things to say as well. Morgan stated, “It was really fun and exciting and a really cool experience to be able to go out of state to that big of a tournament.” Andi adds to this by saying, “Losing sucks but wrestling good opponents and learning from your mistakes will just leave room for more improvement to grow.”

Overall, the consensus between the entire girls wrestling team was that they would rather go to a tough tournament and fight hard for placement, and even through loss, they are grateful for the experience to go. They plan to perform at state, and this was great practice and mat time! Cheer on girls wrestling whenever you can.