Feel The School Spirit with the School Posters! 

If you ever are walking the halls between classes and feel the school spirit within you draining…take a look at the walls and adore the wondrous posters plastered upon them, and feel the spirit possess you! Once you really gaze at the lovely things that the school officers have crafted with their hands you will want to wear your school colors every day and wear face-black to really sell the school spirit. Your arms and legs will begin to stripe as the spirit rattles through your soul. Once you truly witness the posters, you will become the Wasp yourself.

Just kidding…maybe. 

Although most of the previous paragraph was a huge fib, it really is a plea to thank the officers that take the time to make the posters that they have made. They really put elbow grease and sweat and tears into what could be considered art. Please say thank you if you see them!

JUAB JUNIORS UNITE— located on the east staircase, juniors Jasmine Braich and Marietta Flake, along with senior Mason Ekins, crafted this wonder. 

SENIORS (SHREK THEMED)— Dedicated senior Tara Jenson rendered this beautiful donkey in honor of the senior class. 

OPEN SEASON—Another poster articulated by Tara Jenson, school spirit is displayed in the form of a sly bear. 

JHS CROSS COUNTRY—Made by senior Averee Miller, this poster gives honor to the cross country team in all of its glory. 

Addison Johnson

Addison is a senior at Juab High School who has a knack for writing. If being the English Sterling Scholar wasn’t enough, Addison also types poetry and a silly little novel in her free time (when she happens to have free time). When she isn’t at school, soccer, wrestling, track, or working at the Wendy’s in town, she is usually curled up in her bed watching TikTok or scribbling stanzas for a poem. Addison is part of the Clarion for the editing experience and for the fun times.