Juab Students Conquer Utah FFA State Contests

After countless early morning practices and a couple of contests, Juab High’s FFA members headed off to Utah’s FFA State contest. On April 25 the first day of the two day event began. Juab students scrambled around USU campus to compete in 13  events. Here are the results of their hard work.

    Team competition results 

      The Ag Mechanics team (Gavin Walker, Hunter Gurr, Aaron Greenhalgh, and Woodrow Smith) placed 6th. The Dairy team (Bodie Wright, Madison Carle, Jackson Hanks, Carter Gledhill) placed 16th. The Floriculture team (Haylie Winn, Morgan Loveless, Aubrey Reynolds, and GrayCee Colby) placed 10th. The Food Science team (Kaci Woodland, Kandace Green, Makia Ballow, and Livia Topham) placed 5th. The Nursery and Landscape team (Abby Hunt, Jackson Hanks, Haylie Winn, GrayCee Colby) placed 6th. 

     High Individual results 

       Mt. Nebo’s FFA chapter had great individual placements as well.In Nursery & Landscaping, Abby Hunt placed as the 18th highest individual. In Food Science, Kandace Green placed 20th and Kaci Woodland placed 17th. In Floriculture, Haylie Winn placed 13th. In Ag. Mechanics, Gavin Walker took bronze as the 3rd highest individual. In Ag. Communications, Trevor Hall also earned his spot as 3rd highest individual. In Livestock, Brylee Greenhalgh placed 6th. Jenna Garrett, Juab’s highest individual, won 1st highest individual for Livestock. 

     State Winning Team Results 

       Mt. Nebo had four teams make the top three. Ag. Communications (Trevor Hall, Sadie Winn, Abby Hunt, Staten Shepherd) won 3rd place. The Ag. Issues Team (Karissa Taylor, Claire Bennett, Carter Gledhill, Jacob Davis, Rowdie Savage, Brykley Benally, and Samatha Reynolds) won 2nd place. The Marketing Plan team (JaLeigh Burton, Drake Nuccitelli, and Rylan Orton) won 1st place. The Livestock team (Jenna Garrett, Brylee Greenhalgh, Chase Poulsen, and Witt Orton) won 1st place. 

       All first place winning teams will be representing Juab at FFA National. Please wish them luck.