The Smiths


The smiths were an alternative English rock band that formed in 1982 and had an 8 year run. Over these 8 years they proved they were one of the most important bands to emerge from the 80s punk rock scene. They were composed of Morrissey the lead singer, guitarist Johnny Marr, bassist Andy Rourke, and drummer Mike Joyce.  Shortly after their formation in Manchester they signed with independent label Rough Trade Records. They then went on to release their first album in 1984 called “The Smiths”.  Which came out to pretty good praise. 
  A year after they released one of their most popular albums, Meat is Murder. This album was much more political than the predecessor. With the pro-vegetarian title song and Morrissey forbidding the rest of the group from eating meat.  Morrissey was also much more political during interviews. Targeting the British monarchy and government.     In 1987 tension in the band started to rise with Marr taking a break from the band. He later left the band after an article he thought was played by Morrissey. It claimed that Morrissey doesn’t like when marr works with other musicians and that their friendship was coming to an end. The band later split after they released Strangeways Here We Come. Overall The Smiths were one of the biggest bands to release in the 80’s punk rock scene with many different hit songs and albums.