The JHS Drill Team is on Fire!

On Saturday, January 7th the JHS drill team had their 2nd competition of their season. Being a part of the drill team, I get to tell you how competition works for us!

       For this competition, we left the high school at 5 a.m. After gathering all our costumes and props and making our way to Bountiful High School where the competition took place. After checking in we got ready for our first dance which was our pom routine. This dance is the one with pom poms and it’s very preppy and exciting. Our next dance we got ready for was hip hop. We all love our hip hop dance because it is so fun. We get so hyped and we always feel good about it.

       After performing Pom and hip hop it really set the tone for us. We were all just so happy because we had all felt we had done so well. We then got ready for our military dance. If you don’t know this dance this is the one we get angry for. All our movements are sharp, technical, and very precise. After military we got ready for jazz. Our Jazz routine is slower and we like people to feel different emotions while expressing our own through dance. We love it! Our last dance is our show routine. This is my personal favorite because it’s so fun and it always looks so good with the dance and the props. This year we are firemen and we absolutely love this idea and the dance. Our props for this dance are tubes that look like fire, fireman axes, fire hydrants with water, and fireballs. 

       The drill team did very well at this competition placing 1st overall! Each dance does get their own score. Pom and hip hop placed 1st, military placed 1st being an undefeated routine, jazz placed 2nd, and show placed 2nd. The UHSAA has announced that the JHS drill team placed 2nd in the 3A division.  

       Congratulations to the drill team! Good luck to them at their competition on Saturday as well with region and state coming up!