How the Rabbit Got It’s Tail

How the Rabbit Got Its Tail:

   One blustery afternoon Rabbit was enjoying some of the most pleasurable collard greens and cilantro when there was a thump on the door. Rabbit stood up and grumbled as he approached the door. “Who has interrupted my dinner?” He swiftly opened the door to see his neighbor Mr. Fox.

    “I have traveled over to your pleasant home to ask you a slight favor. You see it’s my cousins birthday and I was Put with the chore of baking a cake. But to my astonishment, I had no sugar left to bake even a measly piece of bread.” The rabbit was pondering on giving this interruptive pig, well Fox any sugar. Why does he need any sugar rabbit thought?  

    “You have interrupted my meal of collard greens and I will not give you any sugar, for you behold my tail is also grand and luxurious, putting me in first class.” Before he spoke again he motioned to his tail.

    “So you see with my long and silky tail and your little cotton ball I mustn’t give you even the littlest morsel of sugar for not even a grain.” Rabbit slammed the door right in Fox’s face. As the door slammed shut, the fox was furious. How could that rabbit be so prideful and elegant for he is no better than me just because of his tail? 

   Fox trudged over to the store and purchased some sugar and flour, and as he trudged home he began to think. There he stood puzzling on how he can get back at this provoking, peeving and pesky vermin. Who dares to insult me with his insolent mockery! 

    So as he whipped up his cousins’ cake there an idea sprouted from his mind like a flower popping through the fluffy white snow. He shall challenge the rabbit to a race, whoever shall cross the finish line first, can claim the luxurious tail. He then spoke with joy from his brilliant proposal ” badger can be the referee and turtle can be the flag holder. oh my, Vivian, the tree frog can be the timekeeper!    

    With his brilliant plan he intended to strategize, he strode on over to rabbits house. “Rabbit, I have a proposal for you!” Rabbit being slightly even more annoyed he got up and snarky and spitefully opened the door. 

    “I came to challenge you rabbit!”

    “you? challenge me?” he bellowed at Fox. fox began to get heated with this prideful rabbit.

    “Yes, on the morning before sunrise we shall race through a course which badger will concoct, and we will race! First , one to the finish line get’s your tail! Rabbit puffing his chest thought about it, what do I have to lose? I will most definitely win and keep my tail. 

    “challenge accepted, see you tomorrow!” As the fox left he thought I will get some nice rest and shall tomorrow come, I will win! So he climbed in his bed yawning the full way and dreaming of winning the race and of being extolled and glorified by all of the forests.

    The next morning they all gathered in the middle of an alluring clearing in the woods. Fox had arrived but everyone was waiting for Rabbit who was not known for punctuality. When he finally arrived he continued to boast and praise himself for his luxurious tail.  “I hope you came to lose the fox for my tail is what will win me this competition and then you will see that I am the best and this challenge was absurd and ineffectual.” He said with a sort of snarky tone.  When the race was about to start, rabbit lined up next to the fox. “On your mark…Get set…. GO!” With that rabbit darted off to go and search for a shortcut, if he found a shortcut he was sure to win.  They raced and then skidded to a halt, there was a fork in the path. Fox knew that one of the paths was the correct lead to victory but if fox took it rabbit was sure to follow so he spoke aloud with a mischievous grin. “I think this one is the right path. Little did the rabbit know the tree creating the fork in the road was a mistress of the forest and she was in on the transformation for whoever must win. 

    Rabbit, knowing it was a trick retorted back, “you are tricking me this path is the right one I know for a fact!” so he ran the other way while fox was crossing to the other side he began to sprint faster than the breezes of mid day. Fox was nearing the end and still no rabbit so he crossed the finish line with praises being claimed by the other woodland creatures. He decided to wait for the rabbit so he hid behind deer and waited.

    Rabbit could taste victory; he was almost there and the fox was not in sight. With one final leap he crossed the finish line no one was sending victorious cries. He glanced across the patchy meadow and saw Mr, fox standing tall. He tried to make his escape, but then poof a beautiful goddess-like creature sprouted from the tree. “You shall keep your end of the deal.” and with what she had declared rabbit had a short tiny cotton ball like tail and fox had the beauty the one that had caused all the boasting. Rabbit was shamed and hid away in the deepest forest eating swamp greens never to be seen again.

                The end!