A Tradition ‘Up in Flames’ and Painted in White: Seniors own the J

For many years, Juab seniors have taken part in a tradition, a rite of passage per say. What is this, you ask? But of course white washing the J on our J hill, and then after homecoming lighting the J ablaze. These events are probably the most anticipated activities during homecoming. White washing the J opens homecoming where Lighting the J closes it, as if a finale for seniors. This tradition brings together all of the seniors in that class, even the ones who never really participated in events throughout high school. 

This tradition is one I wish was similarly offered to other schools. A strong tradition brings people together. Who would’ve  thought something so small would have the power to create unity, memories, and laughter. I hope this tradition continues throughout the years Juab will exist. It’s not the tradition or activity, it’s what you make it, it’s the people. When you become a senior, even if you don’t like school activities or haven’t participated in them throughout high school, I encourage you to go up and create memories that will last a lifetime. 

Make this tradition yours! Own the J! Let this be a memory enclosed with flame!