Ask Hugo Answers

I have a partner for a group project that hasn’t helped with the project at all. What is the best why to confront them about their laziness? – Lee

Dear Lee, I don’t know if this is late. Yes confront them but don’t do it heads on. Reverse psychology always helps, trick them into helping. They can either speak for there part of work or if they refuse than state that you did all the work the least they can do is speak. Tell them that working with them was boring and you don’t want to do it again. It hurts there pride and it’s pay back.

How do I get over my crush on my friend? -Logan

Dear Logan, getting over someone is tough. Realizing you no longer want to have a one sided relationship. My guess is that there dating someone? Just back off for a few days find you as a person and take care of yourself after finding you go back and say did I ever actually like you or did I just want to feel a void.