Meet your 2021 Cross Country team

The Cross Country team is a committed group of teenagers. Pre-season practice starts at the beginning of June at 5:30 in the morning at the spirit rock. Practices are four days a week, usually starting Monday and ending either Thursday or Friday. They start off going easy small miles to easy long miles by the end of the summer. 

First, every two weeks the miles get bumped up another mile. There are two different sets of miles they do: they either go the extra mile or they do the regular mile that the coach offers. The week before the first day of school they had their first actual race at Cottonwood. They did really well and had good times. The only problem is somebody watching the race crossed the finish line and messed up the timing, so everybody that crossed first didn’t get their times. The last 187 runners got their time, in that group Juab had 9 guys that got their time: Kolten Manning, Parker Fowkes, Alvin Yuan, Taylor Clyde, David Samuelson, Adam Bunker, Ben Cannell, David Fletcher, and Joel Covington. For the girls team they had Gen Cannell, Kenzee Slater, Macie Slater, and Hailey Hall. 

Next, when it comes to time for after school practice the miles get bumped back down and get focused more on speed. It is of course hot in the afternoon so that’s why the team should be drinking water and staying hydrated for practice. Just last Friday on the 27th of August they had another race at Spanish Fork Sports Park. The top ten boy runners from Juab were: Nathan Garrett, Aiden Bethers, Talmage Day, Thomas Covington, Asher Kretchmer, Benjamin Bishop, Reid Vernon, Parker Fowkes, Levi Covington, and Kaleb Bunker. The top runners for the girls were: Nataya Day, Kenzee Slater, Macie Slater, Gen Cannell, and Hailey Hall. Their next meet is the same day as homecoming, at Orem sports park, but it’s an early morning race. 

Their upcoming races in September are Juab, Pre state, Carbon, and Sanpete. The Juab meet is at the Canyon Hills Golf Course in Nephi. Pre State is at Rose Park Complex in Salt Lake. The race at Carbon is at the golf course. The Sanpete race is in Fairview also at the golf course. The seniors on the Cross Country Team are: Kolten Manning, Ben Cannell, Gen Cannell, Kaleb Bunker, Thomas Covington, Joshua Youngblood, and Macie Slater.