What goes on in the Teachers Lounge

Disco Balls, tap diet coke, and unlimited hot chocolate, are just some of the things that occur in the teachers lounge at JHS. The coke-a-cola flows freely, and the random dance parties are a sight to behold.

Just in case you were wondering, the teachers lounge is a bit of heaven on earth. First of all, they have printers. And I mean, how hype are those! Black letters on white paper, green paper, pink paper, blue paper, and white paper! Did I say white paper twice? That’s because you can put two in there.

Secondly, they have comfortable seating! Man wouldn’t that be nice to have, am I right? Sometimes these stiff, uncomfortable, plastic chairs get kinda old. Having some soft comfortable chairs with some classic tables really goes a long way to increase productivity. 

Beach balls.

Jelly beans.

Thirdly, they have a sweet sound system in there, and the room is completely soundproof. Sports center is on 24/7, with sweet, sweet highlights. Laser tag is in the corner, and they actually have a four-wheeling range in the other.