Track and COVID

   Track is starting and Covid is still around. Track is very different than it has been in years past along with everything else. As you should know, Track has many different events which involves various equipment. They use mats, javelins, discus, and many other objects that have to be disinfected after every use. It is a lot of work but they have to do it to stay safe.

     Another thing that all activities need to do is get a Covid test every two weeks. They have testing every Monday morning and you are required to do the test if you want to compete. It is sort of a pain but you have to do it so our school can continue having sports.

    They do not have to wear masks while competing and practicing but it recommended that they use them while they are not. Everything is very different from what it used to be but we are willing to do what we need, to continue doing fun activities. 

     Track does have a lot of equipment to clean compared to other sports but they are being so good about it! Track has an amazing team this year so wish them luck this season. Go Juab Track and Field!