Volleyball Beats Delta!

       For the first time in four years Juab Volleyball beat Delta! Not only did they win, they won in just three sets. All the girls on the volleyball team worked harder than they ever have before and it certainly showed in this game. The girls knew this game was going to be a tough one. They were expected to go out there and try their absolute hardest. 

       They had a lot of new strategies in this game that they tried. They analyzed the other team and came up with different ways to beat them. There was a lot more thought in this game than there was in any of the previous games this season. Working hard and preparing is super important to win games. 

       Many people commented on how much different the team is this year. Parents said how fun it was to watch this game. It was such a loud, “intense” game. The student section was screaming while the parents stood up for every point won. It was a crazy, thrilling experience. 

      The Volleyball Team did something that was completely unexpected and great. Not only is this worth celebrating, you can also learn an important lesson. Don’t give up on trying because it’s hard. Work harder to achieve your goals or even your dreams. Unexpected things happen when you put in your full effort and every single person definitely gave their all this game. That’s how you win. That’s how you succeed.