Jasmine Braich

This is Jasmine Braich, she’s 16 years old. Jasmine is a Junior at Juab High School and is a part of a small family consisting of just her and her parents, who have moved around the country quite a bit. Although she has only lived in Utah for a few years, she loves it here

and considers it home, but also cherishes her upbringing in the states of California and Washington. Moving to different cities has taught Jasmine how to connect well with people of different cultures and backgrounds.

As an only child, Jasmine has a sense of responsibility toward her family. She enjoys providing community service, hanging out and playing sports with friends and family, and going to school events. Jasmine is very passionate in many different activities, such as NHS, FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), and now Journalism! She joined this class in hopes of improving her writing, revising, editing, and web design skills.

In the near future, Jasmine wants to focus on finishing her final year of high school strong while getting a start at building a career where she can expand her knowledge on Finance & Business, and turning her dreams of becoming an entrepreneur into a career.