No More Burraston Pond Rope Swings!

At Juab High School, there are many different students, most of which come from the towns of Nephi, Levan, and Mona. Mona, being the most northern town, is closer to Provo and Salt Lake City. When we think of the town of Mona, what attractions come to mind? For the students of Juab High School, some answers include: The majestic Mt. Nebo that overlooks the town, the Young Living lavender farms, and Mel’s, the delicious lunch place in town. But there is one attraction that surpasses all in terms of visitors and enjoyment. The Burraston pond rope swings. For years these swings have brought immense fun to many people and have put Mona on the map. 

Although Mona is so close to the bustle of the northern metropolis, it is still not very well known. However, the one thing that people do know about Mona is their amazing rope swings. College students have traveled on the weekends to the swings to bask in the sun and play on the swings.The college students however, often bring alcohol, drugs, loud music, and trash the area surrounding the ponds. 

Because of this, the local citizens of Mona haven’t been able to spend as much time at Burrastons, because tourists have overrun it. Many locals have been concerned about the state of the ponds, and how dangerous the swings are. The swings were actually built by random people, and the owners have taken it down, but time and time again, people build them back up. 

Finally, in response to the danger of the swings, and for the sake of Mona citizens and the polluted ponds, the BLM (burough of land management) have taken the swings down for good. This decision was controversial and has aroused mixed responses from the public. Some are saddened by this news, because the swings brought so much happiness to people, and the introduction of different people to Mona.

 Others are happy that they can finally visit the swings now with their kids, without having to worry about loud music, drugs, alcohol, and trash everywhere. Regardless, the swings are gone, and the ponds have already noticeably gotten more clean, and more open to locals. The ponds are still available to swim, fish, and boat, but no more swings. Have a great summer and make sure to check out the ponds, but remember to be respectful of the area!