The Famous Chalk Dance

Every year for the past few years our highschool has been able to carry out an amazing tradition for all students to enjoy. This tradition is the highlight of some students’ year. This tradition is called the chalk dance. For the people that dont know what the chalk dance is, it’s a school activity where kids come to the school ready to get colorful. You start by getting your first bags of chalk. This chalk will be thrown around and used to get everyone around you bursting in all sorts of different colors. Once you have your first couple bags of chalk you start going to town. With the chalk you just get whoever you want covered in the chalk. What makes our chalk dance amazing is you don’t need a date like other school dances. Instead you come as yourself with friends just to have a good time. We’re always excited to have our school come together to have fun. With the unique chalk experience, hanging out with people you don’t usually hangout around, and partying with the amazing music that is played. We are so excited to have the chalk dance happen in the following weeks for the 2023-2024 school year. As a student body government we hope to see lots of faces we don’t usually see to have a ton of fun for this last and finally big hoorah for the 2023-2024 school year