Solo & Ensemble Stars Sing to State

On April 27, The choir traveled to Provo High School and competed at Solo and Ensemble. They started out by warming up their voices to prepare for their upcoming performances. After warming up, they traveled to their assigned rooms that they would perform in. Our choir prepared for months and did well in their competitions. After the students’ performances, they had the opportunity to enjoy other students’ performances. They all performed their pieces in front of judges and soon got their scores back. 

The students who represented our school and their scores were: Faith Bond and Edith Gilbert (II+), Sharlee Krogh and Gabriella Peterson (I), Pressley Hair and Jaycee Westring (II+), Reagan Millet (I), Kaylee Walker (II+), Hannah Echols (I), Gabriella Peterson (I-), Lily Echols (I-), Averee Hatfield (I-), Madison Carle (I), Connor Hansen (II+), Nathan Bonzo (I-), and Gabriel Settle (I). These remarkable students competed solo, and together with the treble vocal ensemble and the mixed vocal ensemble. 

The students used professionalism, self-confidence, discipline, their love of music, and their high acceptance of criticism from the judges to improve their skills. We are extremely proud of the extraordinary students who worked so hard at state, representing our school, and showcasing their magnificent talents. Their beautiful voices, instruments, time, and dedication have helped them succeed in their field. If you have a chance, congratulate these hard working students for all their efforts. They did spectacular at state!