How Adobe is inspiring Juab

Details on last week’s field trip

On April 25th, Mr Olson’s Digital Graphics Arts students went on a field trip to the Adobe Center in Lehi. This was a good time to show students “real-world applications of graphic arts and to inspire creativity and innovation.” According to Mr Olsen. With the professional setting, it gives students the opportunity to see the skills they are learning in class and how to use them in the industry. As of lately, Mr Olson’s class has been mainly focusing on illustration. The students have made custom digital badges, so the field trip gave each student the chance to see how these skills work in the industry.

When asked about the key moments from the field trip, Mr Olsen answered, “…the actual building tour. Students were able to see and experience what it’s like to work for Adobe.” And then went on to explain the different types of things the center offers such as, “…an in-house cafe, fitness center, gaming rooms, relaxing zones, and so much more. We were also able to have discussions about all the career possibilities. From app design, software engineering, customer experience, and so much more.” Mr Olsen explained how his hopes for the students and what they’d take from the experience was a sense of inspiration.

He hopes that they have “motivation to pursue a career in graphic arts or related fields.” When asked similar questions such as what they learned or enjoyed, Ty Williams and Colton Tanner answered with things like, “The games…Lots of stuff you can go out and do…lots of arts and crafts.” They explained how there were lots of opportunities and different branches within the business. The countless interests the business had to offer, as explained by the two students, added to the exploration aspect of the trip. “Great place to work” was something they mentioned. If you’re interested in any type of graphic design or anything software related, be sure to talk to Olsen about classes you can take next year to enhance your knowledge on the subject.