Our Juab Scholars Sure are Sterling

In the mid of March, upon the 18th, finally dawned the day of the Central Utah Regional Sterling Scholar Competition. Our 14 scholars from Juab, one from each category, pulled up ready to show off their hard work. That day was only the interview section, 20% of the voting process, and the awards ceremony. 

Sterling Scholar is a pretty big deal. Competitors, since last year, had to compile 6 essays and 15 slides worth of evidence towards leadership, citizenship, and category. The work was strenuous but worth it for all of them. 

Of all 14 categories, we had 5 winners, and 8 runner-ups. 

Zachary Coombs, Math – Regional Winner

Hunter Hansen, Family & Consumer Sciences – Regional Winner

Karson Talbot, Computer and Information Technology – Regional Winner

Addison Johnson, English & Literature – Regional Winner

Sufia Khan, General Scholarship – Regional Winner

Nathan Bonzo, Music – Runner-up

Leah Thorn, Business – Runner-up

Tiare Williams, Trade & Technical Education – Runner-up

Hannah Rock, Social Science – Runner-up

Macey Christensen, Dance – Runner-up

Enoch Dye, Visual Arts – Runner-up

Alessandra Christensen, World Languages – Runner-up

Sebastian Padilla, Speech & Drama – Runner-up

Of all the winners of this competition, over $20,000 was raised in scholarship money. They slayed! 

As a fellow sterling scholar, and a winner in the matter, I think that becoming a sterling scholar and putting the work in is a life-changing experience. Immersing yourself in your passions in such a good way is so nice. Please, upcoming juniors, consider it. It’s so fun. And money is cool.