Everything Ends…Soccer Season Over With a Bang

With a long season on their shoulders, the Juab Lady Wasps of the Girls Soccer Team finished off 6 months of effort during their last game of the season: the state quarterfinal game against the Delta Rabbits on the 18th of October. 

Although it has been a month or so since the season ended, the team deserves to be highlighted for their valiant teamwork and hard dedication towards the game that they truly loved. Their open fields began near the end of May; they pushed through the entire hot, sticky summer; and after many concussions, injuries, and spot-switching, managed to make it to the quarterfinals of the state soccer playoffs. Records do not matter; the captains made that a goal this season to just have fun. The seniors have been sent off, and are awaiting a banquet to carry on to their next journey.

Even though soccer season is over, you can see plenty of the soccer roster playing on different teams. Look out for girls basketball, girls wrestling, cheer, or drill, and cheer on the girls that not only succeed in one sport, but more than one! And although soccer might be over the soccer seniors, they are glad for an amazing last season.