Why Halloween is the Greatest Holiday (And You Should Still Celebrate It)

We get it; you’re in high school now. Dressing up isn’t “cool” anymore. You’re “too old” for the halloween festivities. However, as a high school senior, I say to that: LOSER! It’s Halloween on Tuesday, and it’s the only Halloween you’ll get this year! 

As a Juab High student, there are plenty of activities to get into at our school. I know for sure that there are club things to do, like Creative Writing Club or Art Club! Although it might be a little late to go to some things now, knowing of events and looking into finding fun things to do for the holidays for next year could really spice up boring everyday school life. 

If you are more academically inclined, but still want to join the fun, NHS members volunteered at Laurel Groves on Thursday, wearing Halloween costumes, to hand out candy to the residents. It didn’t take too long, and the people of the home were very happy to see young kids of the community assisting the elderly. NHS and Sterling Scholars are also going to be Mona Elementary to help out the kiddos there for their Halloween parade. Along with these fun adventures, NHS and Sterling Scholars also helped out with the Ghost Tours–a wagon ride where children are read scary stories as they are ridden on a spooky ride around town. There was plenty to do around town if you want something to do!

Dress up on Halloween; you’ll earn my respect. Enjoying yourself when you can should be your only goal in life!