Kaige Blackham

Kaige Blackham bio
     This is Kaige. Kaige is 17 years old, and loves golfing and doing sports. Kaige is currently on the golf team, and he’s a junior. His favorite quote is ”May the Force be with you.” Kaige’s focus in high school is to get the most credits possible and hopefully get most of the way done with his associates degree. He wants to take this class so he can get better at typing. Kaige wants his bachelors his future and he can’t wait to graduate.

Aiden Bethers

He is a very athletic individual. Aiden has done soccer in his freshman and sophomore years, and is planning on doing tennis and volleyball for junior year. Aiden has gotten A’s since junior high, because he is a big nerd and doesn't have a life lol. Aiden is a part of NHS and is planning on joining other clubs. He once broke an AC unit with only a butter knife. This is his first year in journalism and is excited to be trained by the best editors there have ever been, Sydni and Ariel. He wants to make the newspaper the best it’s ever been by bringing new and interesting perspectives to the table. He wants to be the most decorated senior in his grade, valedictorian of his class, as well as general sterling scholar.