Boys Track Takes Region

In the last few weeks of May track and field has some of their biggest meets of the season. The BYU meet, May 5-6, has already passed and we had a few people make it to finals. Juab ended the meet with boys placing third with 51 points.

  • Grady Bowles threw a 141-08.75 in discus and placed 3rd overall
  • Jay Rowley placed first overall in javelin with a 171-09.75
  • Dax Johnson ran the 100m in 11.07 and placed 3rd
  • Dax Johnson 200m 22.77 and placed 5th
  • Dax Johnson long jump 21-03.50 and placed 3rd
  • Stockton Shepherd 100m 11.19 and placed 7th
  • Brylee Greenhalgh discus 106-05.25

For Region, it will be held in Delta during May 10 & 11. This is a major meet for most people in track, especially people still looking to qualify for state. The reason for this is because people that place top for region in their event, will get a straight shot to state. During the region meet there was a good amount of people that placed high giving us our high score to win the boys region. We ended up with a score of 108 points overall.

  • Jacob Eldridge 110m hurdles 16.2 placed 2nd
  • Isaac Bender 110m hurdles 16.94 placed 3rd
  • Kaleb Roper 110m hurdles 18.44 placed 7th
  • Dax Johnson 100m 11.27 placed 2nd
  • Austin West 100m 11.31 placed 3rd
  • Stockton Shepherd 11.34 placed 4th
  • Reagan Foote 100m 11.9 placed 7th
  • Talmage Day 1600m 4:39 placed 4th
  • Nathan Garrett 1600m 4:46 placed 6th
  • Boys 4x100m 43.72 placed 1st
  • Dax Johnson 400m 50.56 placed 1st
  • Jaden Heap 400m 51.41 placed 3rd
  • Isaac Bender 300m hurdles 42.28 placed 2nd
  • Jacob Eldridge 300m hurdles 43.04 placed 5th
  • Kaleb Roper 300m hurdles 43.64 placed 6th
  • Talmage Day 800m 2:03 placed 3rd
  • Nathan Garrett 800m 2:08 placed 7th
  • Dace Darrington 800m 2:15 placed 12th
  • Austin West 200m 22.67 placed 2nd
  • Stockton Shepherd 23.9 placed 8th
  • Boys 4x400m 3:38 placed 2nd
  • Jay Rowley high jump 5-10 placed 5th
  • Zach Morrell high jump 5-08 placed 10th
  • Kenton Murdock high jump 5-08 placed 11th
  • Sam Luker high jump 5-06 placed 12th
  • Braxton Hooper high jump 5-04 placed 15th
  • Jaden Heap long jump 20-05 placed 3rd
  • Dax Johnson long jump 19-11.5 placed 5th
  • David Samuelson long jump 18-07 placed 8th
  • Jay Rowley Javelin 169-05 placed 1st
  • Grady Bowles Javelin 154-09 placed 3rd
  • Conner White Javelin 154-02 placed 4th
  • Jacob Eldridge Javelin 140-09 placed 5th
  • Keagan Hall shot put 40-11 placed 7th
  • Grady Bowles discus 141-00.5 placed 1st

Then we will reach the final meet of the year for track & field, state. This is the final meet of the season for everyone who has qualified and is usually the most nerve racking meet as well. This meet will take place the 19 & 20 of May, right before the last week of school. So go support everyone in their events and wish them good luck.

Kyger Peay

Kyger Peay is one of the many juniors of Juab high school. This is his second year taking journalism, pushing to show off what JHS is all about. Kyger also takes part in track and is a part of the football team. In his free time he will either find him driving around with his friends having a good time, or hanging around at home.