Breakdown Of The Aspire Testing Situation

(Image: Freshmen in Mrs. Allred’s class testing)

As the end of April comes, so does Aspire testing for Juab High School. Like usual, Freshman and Sophomores were testing on April 26th and 27th. Truly, nothing was any different than years prior. 

However, on the start of April 26th, there was an issue with the Freshman and Sophomore testing. For roughly an hour and thirty minutes, not one student in those groups were able to start their tests, actually, not even get onto the menu to start their tests. And so, they sat and waited for the bell to run out. During this time, they weren’t able to grab their phones or use their iPads, as the State demanded. Halfway through the “testing”, students were given a five minute break and, depending on the teacher, were allowed to go to the library and get a book. 

After the school’s web technicians decided that there wasn’t anything they could do in the time students were supposed to be testing, they (the students) were allowed to go to the newly finished Hive building to wait for their schedule to go to normal A day, which would take an hour and thirty minute since entering the building. They were not allowed to go to the main building, however. What were kids expected to do until then? Close to whatever they wanted as long as it didn’t break school rules. Some played soccer, others volleyball, others sat on their phones the entire time. Personally, I played the guitar the entire time, to give an idea on what was allowed.

During all of this, Juniors and Seniors didn’t even know anything was wrong, as they had to come in after testing had finished. Anyways, once “testing” concluded, everything had gone back to normal, if not some students were a little annoyed at how their time was wasted. And thus, the day went back to a normal minimum day, with 30 minutes each period. 

The Freshmen and Sophomores did eventually get their testing finished, though. They took all of their tests the very next day, back to back, and then the day was another minimum day. After that, everything truly went back to normal.