Juab High 2023 Senior’s Advice

As you live your life, you will inevitably gain knowledge. You will have hard times and you will have good times. You will find ways to succeed and you will make mistakes and fail. From this you grow, and gain advice to give.

      Throughout life someone has more than likely given you some advice, may it be good or bad. It’s now your turn to give advice. You have the ability to teach others how to succeed or help others through the rough times you once did. 

      Here is some advice from the 2023 Class Seniors:

      “Life is not meant to be all happy. Accept that you will have bad times, that you will struggle, and that you will not always be happy. And when the good times come, remember to cherish them.” – H. Winn

     “If you enjoy something, stick with it and keep working hard to get better.” – Breanne Gardiner

“Time and dedication is the key to achieving your goals” – Jackson Hanks

“Never let fear take away an opportunity to grow.” – Brynlee Monsen

“Try something different! You never know what you might discover. It could lead to your favorite thing.” – Rebekah Thorn

 “Life’s too short for regret and sorrows. Some bad todays mean good tomorrows. Spend life with your favorite folks. Your tale is yours, no time to mope.” – Talaiasi (Junior) Hosea 

“Don’t worry about things you can’t control.” – David Samuelson