Juab Slides Into First Place

     Juab baseball has been off to a roaring start winning a majority of their games. Also they seeded first throughout the year. Many games have gone very well for them as we have a very old team with a lot of seniors. Many of these seniors have been working their tails off in the off season preparing for this season hoping to make it the best one yet. They just had a game against carbon that they won 9-4! So far the baseball team is on track to win it all! 

     This year has been “one of the best years” Taylor Newton, a Juab high school baseball player as he is very excited for the outcome of this season. The same person also said that, “ the team has bonded more and is a lot closer, they are starting to get along a lot better and it has been an enjoyable year.” Some of the players favorite things about this season is how close everybody is and well everybody’s working together. And let me tell you, it must be working! These young men have been dominating the field and the predictions of the end of this season are promising. The baseball team has never looked so good. The new coaches have really figured out this team and figured out how to get them to truly work as a team. Best of luck to them as they finish out their  season!

Photo Credit/ Maggie Rosenbeck