Drama Takes The Spotlight at State

After a very successful weekend at region drama, the drama club headed to State on Thursday April 20th. State was held in Cedar and it was over the course of 3 days. The first day is when everyone participating performs their 1-Act plays. The second day is when they perform some of the individual events. Individual events (IE’s) consist of comedic scenes, dramatic scenes, contemporary scenes, and musical theater scenes. The last day consists of the rest of the individual events and, of course, the awards ceremony. 

On the first day of state, the cast of the 1-Act play performed their show, “I Never Saw Another Butterfly.” They gave their best performance yet and hoped it would be enough to get them a medal. This play was chosen to compete with because it portrays strong emotions of anger and sadness and it requires a high acting ability. 

On the second day, Friday, those who were doing musical theater IE’s performed for the judges. From Juab High School, we had Rebekah Thorn (12) and Maddison Carle (11) compete in the musical theater category. 

Last, but not least, the biggest day finally came. First thing Saturday morning, Brynlee Monsen, Rebekah Thorn, Jackson Hanks (12), Henry Everett, and Madison Carle (11) competed with their scenes. Monsen and Thorn won first place for their contemporary scene at region so they had high hopes for state. 

By the time the awards ceremony had started, most of the drama students had left in order to make it back for the Last Chance Dance. Sadly, no medals were taken home by Juab. The 1-Act play had taken 7th place and all of the scenes barely missed the mark for a medal. On the bright side, Brynlee Monsen won Best Supporting Actress for her performance in “I Never Saw Another Butterfly.”

Overall, everyone who competed at state drama did a wonderful job. Everyone will continue to work hard in order to hopefully win a medal next year. Congratulations to the drama club for all their hard work and dedication!