Mr. Juab Crowns Juab High School’s Next Prince Charming

Mr. Juab is one of the school’s most entertaining traditions. The 2023 Mr. Juab was held on February 7th at the Juab Junior High’s Auditorium. People piled in to watch the 15 contestants perform. All proceedings went to Juab’s Make-A-Wish fundraiser. 

    All Contestants performed an opening number to Looking Out For a Hero. The contestants: Taylor Newton, Chandler Ludow, Payton Peterson, Jaxton Hansen, Zack Saez, Sebastian Padilla, Enoch Dye, Thomas Henry, Dawson Ludlow, Gage England, Morgan Peay, Alvin Yuan, Brock Richards, Gabe Settle, and Kanyen Alvarado. 

      After a performance by the Releve Dance studio’s Mini Clogging Class, the main event began. Contestants 1-8 took their turn walking down the stage to their introduction. The boys shared their favorite form of potato, favorite Disney movie, and what they would name their dragon if they had one. Natalie Morrell would ask each of them the question. Each was fun and hilarious in their own way.

     There were talent performances for boy’s 9-15. Zack and Sebastian sang their hearts out as Gabe did a comedy act as a horse. Taylor performed lipsync with his band. Kanyen Alvarado did a wrap. Morgan, Dawson, and Chandler performed as Sleepy, Bashful, and Grumpy dwarfs with outstanding costumes. 

     After a hip hop dance performance from Lisa’s Dance shop, contestants 1-8 performed their talents. Gage and Brock performed tricks with a dog. Enoch, Alvin, and Thomas performed an outstanding number to Under The Sea complete with props, costumes, choreography and Enoch’s juggling. Payton and Jaxson did a wonderful performance to Love is an Open Door, paired with perfect costumes.

     Contestants 9-15 took their turn to answer questions. Dawson Ludlow stole the loudest crowd reaction when to the question who would be your villain he answered “The wicked witch of the English hall, Mrs. Allred.”

       The SBO’s took a moment for Miracle Minute. In one minute SBO’s ran through the audience collecting as many cash donations for Make-A-Wish as they could. All money collected was to be matched by Doterra. 

     Finally the moment had arrived. All the contestants lined up waiting to hear who the winners were. The results: 2nd attendant, Thomas Henry. The 1st attendant, Jaxson Hansen. And the winner of Mr.Juab 2023 and title of crowned Prince Charming went to Payton Peterson.