Exciting Hunting Expo Draws in Students

Juab students attended the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo on Thursday the 2nd of February. It was the first day of the Expo. Mr. Neilson’s Wildlife Management class attends every year learning about new conservation techniques and new products being brought up in the outdoors world. 

I interviewed Briley Dudley. He went to the expo on Thursday, the first day of the event. His favorite exhibit was the Mtn Ops booth; they are an outdoor performance supplements company. He would recommend anybody that likes hunting and outdoors to go to the expo. It was a great experience.

The 2023 Western Hunting & Conservation Expo is a 4 day event that promotes hunting and wildlife conservation. The expo takes place Feb 2-5 in the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Expo has Cheap tags, and booths promoting different things. Each booth is different, some are trying to talk about a cause, and others are trying to sell a product.