Startup of Outdoor Track

Begins the 21st

We are now in the second month of the new year and track season is right around the corner. A lot of people are looking forward to the outdoor season and the heat to come back. There are many other events to choose from in the track and field group. 

There is a good variety of sprints to run from nice and fast, to a bit of a struggle. The sprints consist of 100m, 200m, 400m, girls 100m hurdles, 110m hurdles, or 300m hurdles. Sprints are super competitive and are a straight head to head battle of strict speed the whole way. Hurdles are pretty much the same thing, but with a couple of extra steps. 

If doing sprints is not your favorite, you can always try running long distance. Some distance running you can take part in the 800 meter or the 1600 meter, which is an entire mile. Juab has a good amount of people that can do this and always try their hardest. We are always welcome to more newcomers that can help out in any way they can.  

There are also medleys that you can take part in. We have you 400 meter, 800 meter, and 1600 meter medley.  If you don’t know what a medley is, it is really just a group of four people that each take part in running the entire race while trading off a metal cylinder called a baton.

If you’re not much of a runner and would prefer something a little different, that’s ok, maybe you want to try the field sports. They consist of Throwing the discus, javelin, or shot put.  If you Are a good jumper and are really light with your feet, you might want to try out long jump and high jump. These are both field events that work more with jump strength and momentum, rather than speed.

The track team is just a group of people hanging out and trying their best in each of their own events to get a new pr. Come on down and try it out, maybe you’ll figure you’re good at something you didn’t think you were good at. The first day of practice begins the 21st of February. We can’t wait to see you there!

Kyger Peay

Kyger Peay is one of the many juniors of Juab high school. This is his second year taking journalism, pushing to show off what JHS is all about. Kyger also takes part in track and is a part of the football team. In his free time he will either find him driving around with his friends having a good time, or hanging around at home.