The Sound of Music: Another Stellar Musical by Juab High

Much like the hills, the stage was alive with the sound of music the week of November 17-21st. Directed by the dynamic duo, Stockton and Morgan Palmer, Juab’s drama club put on The Sound of Music

As Palmer’s first time directing, the decision on what show to do was important. It has been said that Palmer chose to do The Sound of Music because it was the first show he was in as a kid. With much nostalgia connected to the show, it was crucial to make every moment enjoyable. 

Auditions were held in September and as soon as roles were decided, the cast got to work. After countless hours of singing and dancing, the show was ready to be enjoyed by an audience. Opening night was on November 17th and it was a major success! 

For the second performance, two special guests came to watch the show. On Monday, just before the final performance, it was announced to the cast that they had nominated students from our school for awards based on the performance they watched. 

Photo Credit: Kyle Marchant

Award Nominees

Brynlee Monsen, Breanne Gardiner, Rebecca Marchant (12), Henry Everett, Leah Thorn, Brianna Waller (11), and Kamryn Whitley (9) have all been nominated for Best Cameo Performance from playing the Vontrapp children.

Photo Credit: Mrs. Palmer

Tyler Stoker (11) is nominated for Best Supporting Actor after playing the role of Max Detwieler. 

Photo Credit: Kyle Marchant

Vashti Corray (12) is nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her incredible performance as The Mother Abbess.

Photo Credit: Kyle Marchant

Last, but not least, Sebastian Padilla (11) has been nominated for Best Lead Actor and Rebekah Thorn (12) has been nominated for Best Lead Actress from their performance as Captain Vontrapp and Maria.

Photo Credit: Kyle Marchant

These students will now move on to compete and see who will win. 

Overall, the show was wonderful and filled with several heart warming and laugh worthy moments. Lots of positive feedback was received for the performances and everyone is looking forward to the next show!