The biggest question of the 21st Century…… What’s trending lately? 

Ladies….. We need to talk. Lately at Juab High School we’ve seen a huge range in fashion. From the dancers and jocks to the emos and goths, everyone has their unique taste. But, what’s trending right now? What’s trending is the need to fit in, because we want to stay relevant in the ‘social sphere’. People may be inclined to follow trends because it works as a mental shortcut. By following what others are doing, it eases the thought process for someone. Wondering which shoes to buy? The most expensive pair of Converse, Vans, or Nikes are what you need. Which pants should I buy? High-waisted Pink Palazzo Jeans, because ‘everyone has them’ 

     Well I’m here to drop the truth bomb on you. The next trend…

Accepting yourself as you are. If you don’t like the way baggy jeans feel, don’t wear them. If you don’t like the way your hair is parted, don’t part it that way. It doesn’t matter your weight, complexion, hair color, or height, you are perfect as you are. Do what you like and have your own opinion. Don’t apologize for your personality or viewpoints, it’s part of you. Find your own fashion, what fits you the best. 

Below is a wide variety of fashion aesthetics, find the one you like the most, and maybe even try it out! You might feel more comfortable and happy with the way you feel about clothing. 




Coastal Grandmother




Indie aesthetic

Grunge aesthetic

Soft girl aesthetic

Y2k aesthetic

Dark academia 

Light academia

Baddie aesthetic

VSCO girl aesthetic