Cross Country Season Ends

Cross Country is finally over. The team had a great season but it’s over now and for most of the team they will never run cross country again. This year, the boys team consisted of: Talmage Day, Nathan Garrett, Asher Kretchmer, David Samuelson, Jackson Hanks, Reid Vernon (12), Adam Bunker (11), Alvin Yuan, Aiden Bethers (10) and Ryker Worwood (9). The girls team consisted of: Alysaa Jessop (12), Bridget Allred, Hailee Hall, Kenzee Slater (10) and Liesel Kretchmer (9). 

The season ended October 18th at region for most of the team, it was at home and a great way to end the season. For three members though, the season continued. Talmage Day, Nathan Garrett, and Kenzee Slater all qualified for state and were able to run their last race against the best runners in 3A. Overall it was a fun and successful season with lots of pr’s and I’m sure next year will be great too.