Advice for a Thrilling Girls Choice Dance

Sadie’s and sweethearts are the two girls choice dances we have here at Juab High School. Sadies isn’t like your typical school dance and not just because it’s a girls choice but because instead of formal wear it’s sweatshirts. The girls ask any boy to Sadie’s and you wear the hoodie all day which means you wear it to the day date and to the dance. 

       For those of you who haven’t been to Sadie’s before but are planning to next year, here’s what you need to know. First of all the girls ask the boy of their choice to go with them. They then decide on a group. You will have a super fun time if you go with friends or people you know you will have fun with. It is up to you to decide how many people you would like in your group whether that’s if you like a big group or a small group. After that you plan your day date. Your day date can range from bowling to literally anything! After your date the dance is optional. I asked a student here at Juab high about the dance and she said “It was really fun but not a ton of people showed up but everyone that was there partied hard” as I said you choice to go to the dance is optional and even though people have different views on whether they like it or not it worth a shot.

       Now knowing a little background on Sadies and what a girls choice dance looks like, you may think about asking a boy to sweethearts. sweethearts is like Sadie’s but instead of sweatshirts its more of a nicer dress but not so formal. (like a church dress). No matter if you’d decide to go to the dance or not, Sadie’s is always so much fun and I definitely recommend going!