Juab High Goes Loco for Hoco

Juab’s Homecoming week was a party. The SBO’s planned yet another fun week of activities and dress ups. Dress ups ranged from an 80’s day to blackout, all fun things in which most people participated. The activities included many of the iconic homecoming activity traditions such as the powder puff game, whitewashing the “J,” and of course winning the football game.

The Beginning of an Exciting Week

On Monday of homecoming week, everyone wore jerseys to school and they did laundry basketball during lunch. After school, they held the annual homecoming powderpuff game. We had guys as coaches and girls as football players. In the end, seniors won the powderpuff game, yet another tradition continued. 

The fun continued on Wednesday when everyone came to school decked out in American clothes. Seniors got to take their turn to white wash the “J”. From a seniors point of view, whitewashing the “J” was very anticlimactic. For those of you who don’t know, whitewashing the “J” consists of filling up a bucket and dumping it. Tah dah. But it is one thing to check off of the senior year bucket list.

The pep rally, also held on Wednesday, was full of games, fun, and cheering. The cheerleader’s even taught us a new cheer. What? Exciting, I know. Besides the fact that things got a little heated between Mrs. Allred and some students, the pep rally was a big success and very fun.

Waking up earlier than ever before, tired seniors enjoyed a beautiful sunrise and yummy breakfast burritos on the Thursday of homecoming week. It’s a unique tradition that ends when Seniors watch the sunset on the last week of the school year. 

Concluding The Week With The Main Events

Friday was a day full of fun. The theme was blackout for the school day and the football game. For the first time in a couple years, Juab High held its somewhat annual parade. The award for best float obviously should have been given to the Journalism float for their creative posters and costumes. The football game began with the concert choir’s beautiful voices singing “The Star Spangled Banner” led by the choir teacher, Mrs. Rowley. It ended just as beautifully as it started when Juab Won the game! Students celebrated by lighting the “J.”

Homecoming week concluded with the homecoming dance. This year was one for the books, the first time the dance has been held at a different location then the school. It was held at the Young Living gazebo. It was quite picturesque with the cute lights and the nearby bridge. Unfortunately, there were some technical difficulties which affected the music and said cute lights. But, with time, everything was fixed and it made for a great ending of a great week.

Overall, homecoming was lots of fun this year and there are several things to look forward to for next year’s homecoming. Thanks to everyone who made this week happen!