Mt.Nebo FFA’s Harvest Ball Was a Blast

Mt. Nebo FFA’s October Activity was their annual Harvest Ball

        On October 20th FFA held their Harvest Ball in the Yama’s barn. The Barn was decorated beautifully with hang lights. The dance started up at 7:10 with a line dance. FFA members and their friends continued line dances. 

     As more people joined the ball, the DJ started a slow song. They announced that it was a boy’s choice dance. Boys needed to ask a girl to dance. It took a while and a lot of nagging to get the boys to comply. Most of them preferred each other. 

    After that disaster, boys and girls were separated into groups for a karaoke battle. Each team got to choose one song. The first group gathered into a circle singing Miley Cyrus’s Party in The U.S.A. into the microphone held in the middle. The second team had a different approach, starting off with a solo from Mr. Burton. The microphone was passed around and most of them avoided it like it was the plague. 

      The next activity was a song guessing competition between two new teams. When they knew the song, team members would race to a seat in front of the DJ table. If the first in the seat guessed the song correctly, their team got a point; If not the other team got a chance to guess. While this started out slowly it quickly escalated into chair tackling and despite google searches. 

      After that the music started up again with Fergalicious. There was another failed try to get the boys to dance with the girls. Swing dancing sprang up mostly between girls but there were a few boys who danced with each other too.  

     The wonderful night ended with lines dancing to the Macarena, Cha Cha Slide, and even the Chicken Dance. The whole event closed at about 8:50.