Senioritis, The Signs and the Symptoms

          Back in 2020, COVID 19 swept through the nation. But recently, another epidemic has been spreading through our own Juab High School. This disease is Senioritis.

          Now there is no reason to freak out quite yet. First, we must figure out the facts of this mysterious new disease.

          Who is at risk? Typically the disease has only been shown to target high school students in their fourth year of high school, but there have been cases reported in the 3rd year, as well as a few rare exceptions in the second. 

          Are freshmen at risk? No.

          What are the symptoms? Many of the symptoms include: a lack of motivation, a desire to stuff class, laziness, and no social drive. These are a few of the known symptoms, but the symptoms may vary between people. Please consult a doctor if you are worried. That is, if you have enough motivation to get up and go to the doctor’s office.

          Are there any treatments? Treatments may vary between patients, and in some cases it isn’t treatable at all. One treatment is to go out to school events, like sports events and dances. However this treatment has been shown to backfire and make senioritis worse. Another treatment is to take a challenging class. Senioritis may come from the fact that seniors do not have very many classes, so they get lazy and bored. If this is the case, then taking a challenging class could be very beneficial to seniors suffering from this disease. It will give you that little push to get up and go to school in the morning. But, again, this treatment may not work and has a very high risk of worsening the condition.

          A cure for senioritis has not been found, and researchers suspect that all high school students will inevitably succumb to it to some degree, but it can be treated and slowed down.

          Surprisingly, senioritis is not always bad. It may just be that you are ready to move on to bigger and better things in your life. Don’t feel guilty about having senioritis, but at least try to stay motivated until the end of the year. Go class of 2022!