Disney Brings Back Moon Knight in An Amazing Series

Moon Knight- Moon Knight is an action-adventure series with six episodes, and like the other series, takes place after Endgame. Steven Grant and Marc Spector investigate mysteries of the Egyptian Gods. The only thing is, they share the same body. Steven Grant works in the museum, in the gift shop. Marc Spector is a mercenary. The only way Steven and Marc are able to talk to each other is through a reflection, and the only way to switch places. By switch places I mean one guy will be the reflection and the other will be talking to the reflection. Also Steven supposedly has a sleeping disorder where he’ll tie himself, by the ankle, to the bed so he can’t leave. Also his door is sealed so he can’t leave his room.

        The first of Stevens’ problems arises when he wakes up in a field somewhere in the Alps. While in the Alps he meets a guy named Arthur Harrow, a deadly cult leader who on the behalf of an Egyptian goddess Ammit, dishes out mortal punishments. The confusing part is when he is getting chased by guys because of a golden scarab and wakes up on a bus in England. As he’s getting off the bus he sees Arthur, there on the bus he just got off of. At the end of episode one, we get a first look at Moon Knight after he kills a jackal in the bathroom.

        Finally, in episode 2, when Steven heads back to work, he gets himself in trouble for destroying the bathroom and gets fired from work. Later Steven gets taken by a few of Harrow’s followers and told about an evil plan involving “evildoers.” When he tries to escape, Harrow summons another jackal, which ends up in a situation in the alley and street. In episode 3 Marc and a friend are looking for information about where Harrow is so they can stop him from finding Ammit’s tomb, but they need help from (Marc/Stevens avatar) Khonshu. Problem is in order to find the tomb they need to know what the sky looked like a thousand years ago. 

Now that’s just 3 episodes of six episodes, so go watch this series.