What We Really do During Breaks

During school breaks there are a few things us kids like doing. For example: doing homework, studying, and getting sleep so you can work hard at school… Just kidding! That’s a good joke. We like staying up late playing games or hanging out with friends. We’ll be doing anything but studying, and least of all doing homework. We DESPISE homework.

When spring break comes around it’s the absolute best. There’s two and a half months of school before, so it’s a much needed break. Plus, with spring coming around it means the days are getting warmer. However, a few kids I talked with didn’t even go outside at all. They just stayed home and got their high scores up on video game consoles, read a book, or did some thinking. However, there are a few kids who did more.

Spring break is a week long, which means you have a lot of time to work with. So, some kids just worked. Charity Hammond, a senior, said that “I worked all of spring break to save up some money for college.” She definitely wasn’t the only one. I also worked all of spring break. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Working during break? That’s insane!” Well, some of us like to have a little extra cash. Especially if you want to have a bigger vacation in the future, like some other kids did. Going the traditional break route, some kids decided to go on a full blown vacation. Whether it’s Vegas, California, or even out of the country! Going on a regular old trip is sure to be tons of fun. 
No matter what you decided to do during spring break, it was all worth it. Whether it’s catching up on some much needed alone time, working hard, or even going to Europe with your family. It’s your break. So, have fun with it!