Video Game Villain Tier List

There isn’t much to be said here, I’m a cool guy who plays a ton of games and knows a lot about character building so you can trust me with this (i swear)

List of characters in this list, starting from S tier

Vergil- Devil May Cry 5

Savathun- Destiny 2

Sealed Vessel- Hollow Knight

Handsome Jack- Borderlands 2

Daud- Dishonored

Prophet of Truth- Halo 2

Moon Presence- Bloodborne

Oryx – Destiny

Dr. Breen- Half Life 2

Satan- Broforce

Chimera- Hyper Light Drifter

Blisk- Titanfall 2

Tartarus- Halo 2

Assatur- Magika

Alduin- Skyrim

Yagluth- Valheim

The Ruin- Starbound

The Calypso Twins- Borderlands 3