Petition to bring back school senior trips

I remember way back when my older sister graduated high school. At the time there was a senior trip organized through the school. Thanks to COVID-19, however, that is no longer an option. Actually, that isn’t the only reason we don’t have it through the school anymore. It was a lot of hassle to bring the whole trip together, so COVID-19 gave them a good reason to end the tradition. 

Since the school doesn’t have a senior trip planned out, a lot of parents feel obligated to plan a trip for their graduate. This puts a lot of pressure on parents, peers, their child, or even financially. Some students have gone on trips to California, Florida, Nevada, Hawaii, or even out of the United States! This is awesome for the individuals that have that opportunity. However, not everyone gets that chance. Honestly, I think that the school should go back to having a school organized trip. That way there’s a smarter option if students want to go on a trip with friends. 

If we bring back the school’s senior trip it puts less stress on parents. They don’t feel like they have to figure out where to take their student. Plus, the school trip tends to be a lot cheaper than what parents can find. Another bonus of the school trip is all the students get to go on a trip with their friends. If it’s with the school it is a lot safer than having a bunch of 17-18 year olds running around unsupervised. It would be safer with chaperones there, but it would still be a ton of fun. So, all in favor of bringing it back say “aye”…. AYE!


AYE!  Kory

AYE! Maelee

AYE! Charity

AYE! Haylee