Juab Law Enforcement Mock Trial

The law enforcement went to the courthouse this week. We had two different mock trials to give the students an idea of how the courthouse operates and works. Splitting the class in half, with each student getting a role in the court and seeing how it works. 

On Tuesday May 3, 2022. All the law enforcement met at the Nephi courthouse by the library and police station. We all got a script to read from and each of us had different roles in the courtroom. This case was about “The Case of The Stolen Car”. 

We had a prosecutor, defendant, a full jury, 3 witnesses to testify on the stand, a bailiff, a clerk, and a judge. Each role is very important in the courthouse. The first day, Tuesday, we had a case of a stolen car. With (Johnny) as judge overseeing the case. Monday went really smoothly. The defendant was found guilty of stealing the car. 

Second trial, this trial Thursday and Friday. Thursday we started the case of “Melea vs State”. This case was regarding a murder that happened at a frat party with college students. Both defense and prosecution had witnesses, two people who were at the party that night of the crime, the victim’s sister who gave insight on how the case went, the detective that interviewed, and the defendant herself. 

After the case was concluded the jury went into another room and talked about whether Melea was innocent or guilty. The jury chose that Melea was innocent. This was a good example of what actually happens in a courtroom and how everything works. Officer Bell has made plans to have classes throughout other years and do a mock trial at the courthouse as well.