Aspire Testing Seemed to be a Success

Most of last week was dedicated to a student’s favorite part of school: testing.

The end of year testing was last week and the schedule was all weird. The freshman and sophomores went to school at the normal time and tested for 3 hours. The juniors and seniors didn’t come to school until 11 so the classes were short and the seniors and juniors enjoyed that. 

 A few of the upperclassmen came to school at the beginning of the day but they had to stay in the little theater and do school work. It was probably a good day for them because they didn’t have to go to school early.

As a freshman who had to test, a lot of the students were absent on the first day of testing and a few more on the second day. These people that missed the testing had to go in during school this week and take all of them in the same day so there wasn’t really a point in skipping class so you wouldn’t have to do the tests. 

Even though state testing is long and very boring, I think that it was a success and now that state testing is finished, it is even closer to the end of the year and things are looking up at Juab High School.