Important Dates to Remember for Seniors

May 16th: Above the Juniors and below the teachers, the fun class of 2022 embarked on an unauthorized journey to see animals. On their own, they left at their own desired time and reach these coordinates: 40.7509° N, 111.8141° W (2600 Sunnyside Ave S, Salt Lake City, UT 84108 because it’s the Hogle Zoo and senior sluff day)

May 18th: Yearbook distribution was at 3, no one brought their ink or fanciest pen! Seniors also did senior sunset at 7:30 on the North side of the school where tailgate parties normally are.

May 19th: Seniors will check-out their iPads and have them wiped and given back.

May 23rd: Senior check-out will begin and they will be freed from the high school.

May 24th: Local scholarships awards presentation and senior awards assembly will be happening at 10 am on this day. The seniors will also have a mandatory graduation practice right after the presentations.

May 25th: Senior Elementary school walk is where the seniors will walk down the halls of their grade school in cap and gowns at 8 in the morning. The graduation ceremony will begin at 6:30 PM and the doors will open at 5.