Boys Baseball Going for State?

For the  year 2022, we have a great year of baseball going for us. We have been winning games non-stop and working really hard on getting to the finals. This weekend is the start of the playoffs and we are looking for the win. We will take the first game on May 7th.

    Our roster consists of 30 people that have been trying their hardest as a team to show their school proud. They have all been waiting for their chance to finish out this school year by giving it all they’ve got.

Our team of 2022 is 

#1 Jimmy Rosenbeck

#2 Tate Halvorson 

#3 Cael Smith 

#5 Tryker Greenhalgh 

#6 Jayden Topham 

#7 Bryce Bowles 

#8 Alex Jackson 

#9 Cooper Ford 

#11 Austin Park

#12 Kai Hansen 

#14 Conner Cowan 

#15 Jaxton Adams 

#17 Garrett Hofer 

#18 Payton Park 

#19 Kanyon Matison 

#20 Derek Jennings 

#22 Jeran Sperry 

#23 Porter Bowles 

#26 Wyatt Payton 

#27 Taylor Newton 

#28 Keaton Mace 

#30 Stockton Garrett 

Last year we were so close to taking state but were cut out in one of the final rounds. But this year we are ranked in the first seed after taking region this year. The first game will be against either North Sanpete or Morgan, depending on who wins against each other of course. So support and show our Juab baseball team that we are cheering them on.

Brackets and extra tournament informed can be found Here

Kyger Peay

Kyger Peay is one of the many juniors of Juab high school. This is his second year taking journalism, pushing to show off what JHS is all about. Kyger also takes part in track and is a part of the football team. In his free time he will either find him driving around with his friends having a good time, or hanging around at home.